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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers



July 24th, 2011

I posted last week about having diaper making supplies for sale. Here's a complete list, with pricing. I'm not interested right now in breaking up yardage because I don't have time to cut and ship orders individually. Feel free to counter-offer, though I think my prices are quite reasonable....

2mm thickness custom run PUL
Photos of most of these fabrics can be found here at Picasa
Silver Skeletons on Grape Purple Background 41"x42" - $20
Muppet Themed Flannel on Green Background - 36"x26" - $15
Striped Flowers in Green, Blue, & Purple - 38"x41" $20
Par Avion Print in Girly Colors - 35"x26" - $15
Alligators on Cream Background - 42"x-48" $40
Retro Red & Yellow Rockets on Navy Background - 39"x43" - $30
Peanuts Cartoon Fall Leaves Themed on Red Background - 36"x42" - $30
Par Avion Print in Boyish Colors 30"x21" - $15
Hawaiian Flowers in Greens and Pinks 28"x39" - $15
Cartoon Mice and Cheese on Sunshine Yellow Background 50"x15"- $30
Green & Blue Watercolor Dots on White (Goes With Par Avion Fabrics) 32"x37" - $20
Modern Olive Green Flowers on White Background 28"x36" - $20
Knit Tools Print on Cream Background 60"x101" - $100 (This one I'm willing to split into as much as 4 lots)

1/2" width FOE
White - 25 yards - $14
Sunshine - 25 yards - $14
Light Green/Blue with Yellow Daisies - 8.5 yards - $5
Light Green/Blue with Yellow Daisies - 8.5 yards - $5
Light Green/Blue with Yellow Daisies 15 yards - $10
Black & White Handprints - 6.5 yards - $5
Black & White Handprints - 23.5 yards - $14

Bamboo Velour
Butter Yellow 72"x 7ft - $50
Grape Purple 64"x 3ft - $30
Royal Blue 64"x 4ft - $35
White 58"x 10ft - $60
Natural 42"x 5ft - $40

Aqua heavy weight fleece (should be waterproof) 64"x72" - $15
Bright Yellow Checked Print Microfleece 60"x72" - $15
Mulberry Microfleece 42"x60" - $10
Grape Microfleece 60"x40" - $10

July 17th, 2011

I've got a whole bunch of custom 2mm PUL, microfleece, and bamboo velour. We're done with diapers and I don't see myself continuing to sew with these materials. Anyone want to buy me out?

November 13th, 2010


Does anyone know if FuzziBunz snaps will fit into other snaps, or are they some kind of proprietary snap?
(I had an idea to make elastic side panels to use my FBs as pull-ups, but it would require matching snaps, and I don't know if that's possible.)

June 26th, 2010

(no subject)

i have 4 BG aios that need new velcro, so i was thinking of converting them to snaps.  all the tutorials i could find are about the pocket ones, so you can get the snaps inside...

any suggestions about snap placement?  should i just do them through all the layers or should i just replace the velcro?

May 12th, 2010

A while ago i was asking about the stupid problem my serger was having.

well, i broke down and took it in yesterday - i had gotten it to the point where i could serge thin things (like 2 layer wipes) and it would skip a few stitches here and there, but was sufficient. it went back to the upper threads going wonky, and it tuns out that the alignment was off.... and wow. *that* is an expensive fix. $175, and i'll be asking what made it do that so i dont have to go through this again....

April 16th, 2010

I hope this is okay, if not, I'll happily delete!

So, I got so busy with Kiddie Winkles that I was hating life. People kept ordering. (No joke, it's a store, right?) and I was sewing frantically and never sewing anything for my own kids, and it was just too successful for one little mama in her sewing room to tackle. Sweatshop: population 1. So, now I'm revamping and probably going to offer a few custom slots now and again, and make unique one-off sets that combine artwear and diapers and do fun things instead of making 90853453 diapers a week.

SO. I'm blogging and snarking and talking about boobs and diapers and crafting and sewing. And I'm going to be offering tutorials on how to make awesome things. First tutorial is up, and it's how to make a zippered top wetbag - the kind with the nice sandwiched zipper that looks so hard, but in reality is like the world's easiest thing to make. I think a lot of people who make their own diapers see the zipper and thing OMG CAN'T and either buy wetbags somewhere or make them with drawstrings or other silly closures that don't hold in the stink.

I'm also giving away the wetbag I made for the tutorial - filled with chocolate, natch!



I'd also love to know if there's a cloth diapering thing or kiddo-wear or play thing that you'd like to know how to make. I've got several tutorials in the pipes, but I'll dissect any project and make it easy.

March 19th, 2010


Do you know trish Smith aka trippylonglocks? I ordered 2 sets of falls back in 2007 and she never sent them and kept the $350. I forked over. I'm trying to find her and get my dreads or money.

March 10th, 2010

I have an opportunity to get a roll of Bamboo French Terry at a really great price, but I don't need a whole roll.

Would anyone be interested in Bamboo French Terry (70/30 bamboo/superfine US cotton) for $8/yard + ship to you? I'm happy to ship the cheapest possible way. There's really no wait b/c the roll is local to me and I can pick up as soon as people pay.

We'd need to fill +/- 45 yards.

It's even $12/yard @ Fabric dot com

I've used this particular BFT that I can get a roll of for wipes and inserts and liked it, hence being excited about the price :)

c/p to LJ co-op

February 19th, 2010

Anyone have a bunch of white 2 mil PUL sitting around? I could use about 5 yards. I thought I had a bunch, but I had the 1 mil in the 2 mil's spot, so I was WRONG ;)

ETA: Thanks for the PM! Found!

January 24th, 2010

(no subject)

so i finally broke down and made a stencil for a biohazard diaper.

nb aio, red terry inner, red snaps, red serging. it'll eventually have a snap in soaker, but i had to show it to someone who understands! :P (that would be no one in my family. they all think i'm crazy.) i also made a matching onsie.

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