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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

Fuzzi Bunz Repair w/pics

Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

Fuzzi Bunz Repair w/pics

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Peachy Rose
There was some talk in the past few weeks on how to repair the elastic in the legs of Fuzzi Bunz. I had one that I wasn’t happy with the fit, so here’s my tutorial. I personally feel like I’m still a beginning sewer and very novice in the ways of the fluff, but I’ve done very simple projects for years. This shouldn’t have taken very long; however, I was using a new to me machine that I didn’t have the right bobbins and couldn’t figure out how to thread. Plus I had to do this whole process twice b/c I didn’t get the elastic stretched enough.

Anyways, here’s my step by step how to repair Fuzzi Bunz elastic with pictures. Enjoy! And I welcome any suggestions!

Our project is a red, petite toddler Fuzzi Bunz with not so elasticy elastic.
First, carefully remove the stitches that create the casing for the elastic. Be sure not to poke holes in the PUL or the fleece
Stitching from the inside of the seam.
Casing seam removed from both legs, as this diaper needed both sides replaced.
Turn the diaper over where you can see the elastic and remove the stitching from the elastic. Make sure you either mark or can tell where the stitching starts and ends to place your elastic back.
Here’s your handy trick of the day. To get rid of all those little tiny pieces of thread, take a roller brush over the diaper and “poof” off they come!
Now we’re ready to sew. Set your machine to do a zig-zag stitch. My picture shows a straight stitch setup!
Line up your elastic for the first side to start sewing. I place just a little bit over and do a backwards stitch then start pulling my elastic tight/taunt while sewing.
Repeat on the other leg. But don’t make my first mistake! I didn’t pull my elastic tight enough while sewing, so I had to do it over. I attribute this to my novice sewing skills. Frankly, I never have sewn elastic before, only in a casing for a waist line. In other words, I welcome improvements on my method!
Third time’s the charm! This is a lot tighter than my first try.
Don’t forget to adjust your machine to a straight stitch to re do the casing!
After getting our elastic tacked back on, we need to sew on our casing. Simply follow the original stitches.
And get to know your machine better!!!! I learned much about my machine on this project! And a few frustrations….
Finally, re-seal your PUL buy drying in the dryer on high. (please comment if you’ve worked with PUL before on this! I’m just going by comments I’ve read in the communities!
Good Luck! And I hope this has been some help to you!

  • wow this is great, thank you!
    • you're welcome... i hope it helps. It wasn't really that hard to do, I just made some n00b mistakes (and with a toddler underfoot).
  • Thanks for posting this! :)

    To get the elastic nice and snug make sure you keep the tension behind the sewing machine. So, stretch it forward with your right hand and stretch the back with your left.
    • Awwwwwwh. I didn't do that. I was too busy with my left keeping things straight and just pulled with the right. I'll have to do some more to practice. I was surpised on how little elastic I ended up using. Maybe after I improve my skills I can show that in a little bit better detail. Thanks for the input!

      I swear this simple little thing took me all freaking weekend! I shouldn't have been an hour from start to finsih, even with the seam ripping! I had that much trouble with the machine. Class 66 bobbins in a class 15 machine headaches do make! But I'm learning.... only if I had really been this interested in sewing in my younger years. My granny was a singer trained seamstress.... like back in the 40's plus. SHE knew her stuff and my granddaddy was a sewing machine machanic. Sorry for the book!
  • great tutorial! i think this should be put in the memories section, but that's me. :-)
    it took me forever to figure out that FB elastic was sewn on as well as cased... solved a lot of my knockoff problems. hehe.
    and this is probably going to sound stupid but i have that exact same seam ripper... lol. although i lost the cap. i was sad.
    great stuff!
    • Yeah. Wal-mart Special (seam ripper). I have to rip out seams so much, that's like the second or third one I've had (the others got dull, if that's possible!). Practice makes perfect, eh? Well, part of that is I made my own nursing shirts out of $5.00 tshirts at walmart. So, for $10.00, plus matching thread, and my time (I was still on maternity leave) I made some pretty nifty shirts. I think I made 4 or 5 of them. It was still early spring and they were PEFECT for me getting used to nursing in public and in front of others. Too warm for summer, but I sometimes pull them out in the winter, but I'm an old hot with the NIP I don't have to use them so much.
      • Sorry to jump into your conversation, but how did you make nursing shirts? Do you have any pictures?
        • No pictures... I *don't* think. I recall saying that I should have taken some afterwords.

          Maybe in the next couple of weeks I can make one based on that. And add the links (I had 2 patterns I went by, one from sleeping baby (rev Jan) and the other from a link she had. And at least take some pictures of the final product. I'll tell you one thing though, is that I ONLY used my serger on that... take that back, I think I did redo one straight stitch on them.

          Over all it was fairly simple to do.
  • you might try a three-step zig-zag for a better stretch in the elastic. that's what's normally recommended. great tutorial though. :)
    • If you look at the machine is has a diagram of three different types of zig zag, via the 1, 2, and 4. I don't have the book for this machine and my mom gave it to me as long as her other one, two, three, I dunno, doesn't decide to quit. All I had before was a Brother Serger that my hubby gave me for Christmas b/c I kept going for day trips to her house (almost 2 hours away) to use her serger, and I have a singer 404. The 404 only does straight stitches!

      So, in wanting to learn how to do fluff, I told her my dilemna, hence I got this machine she found a church rummage sale for like $20.00. She has some type of electronic one that was my granny's workhorse, a 401, and her Brother Serger, in addition to her fancy smancy embrodiered machine.

      She gave me an over the phone bit about it, but hadn't realized she was using the wrong bobbin (it worked for her :|). And some print outs about the machine.

      Long story short, I tried when testing the stiches the number 4 setting that is actually recommened for the elastic after reading the book online(which I have on order for myself), but I couldn't get it to look right and I just wanted to get my kitchen table cleaned so I use the one I actualy got working LOL!

      But yeah, you are right about the three step. Hopefully, I'll learn my machine, and that my sister won't want it back (she gets my 404, probably, since most of the stuff she does is only straight stitch).

      If only I had taken the time to learn from my granny, who had taught everyone on their brother how to sew. My mom says the same thing. :| I feel very inadequate in front of a sewing machine compared to how she was.

      WOW. i must be alittle more passionate about this than I gave myself credit for!!! LOL... my book repsonse. Sorry!!!!
  • How did you know how long to make the new elastic? Did you measure off a good fuzzy bunz?
    • I just eyeballed it. In the end, I think the piece I ended up using was like 3-4 inches? And I think it couldn't have hurt to be a little tighter, like how a PP described to do the elastic.

      And I couldn't even use the "old" elastic as a guide at all b/c my dd had played with them and "cleaned" them up for me. LOL

      So basically I had this piece of elastic. I started at the one end, stretched and sewed and stoped at the other end, and trimmed off what was left. Make sense?
  • Great tutorial!

    And i find it amusing that you were using the same sewing machine that my Mom has that she got as a wedding gift back in 1980. :D
    • Thanks. That is funny. I wondered how old it was.... I don't like new sewing machines (why when you can get perfectly good ones if you look right, ya know?). I actually wanted a 401, since I've used that thing since I could sit at my mom's machine (and I love my 404). I don't think they make like they used too... or I don't have the money for it... but what can I say, all of my machines have been given to me?????
  • Awsome...I have a old stock FB that I held onto forever as well...meaning it was a good 2 years old before we used it...and for some reason all of my night diaper elastic dies very quick...and we used that as a backup night diaper to my fitteds and wool.

    I've replaced the elastic in a pocket fitted diaper and assumed it would be pretty close, but I had no idea what i'd find when I dug in....I need to tackle my 2 dead elastic nightlights and that FB here pretty quick!
    • yeah, I have another one taht some one gave me when I bought a bunch of other diapers that is dead. I'll probably tackle it and maybe have some new and improved instructions based on the comments???? Depends on how froggy I am at the time. Everything I do is always a learning expirence. :) And I love being able to share the info. THey always tell me at work that I work myself out of a job. I like that. Keeps me on my toes!
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