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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

make your own zippered wetbag

Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

make your own zippered wetbag

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I hope this is okay, if not, I'll happily delete!

So, I got so busy with Kiddie Winkles that I was hating life. People kept ordering. (No joke, it's a store, right?) and I was sewing frantically and never sewing anything for my own kids, and it was just too successful for one little mama in her sewing room to tackle. Sweatshop: population 1. So, now I'm revamping and probably going to offer a few custom slots now and again, and make unique one-off sets that combine artwear and diapers and do fun things instead of making 90853453 diapers a week.

SO. I'm blogging and snarking and talking about boobs and diapers and crafting and sewing. And I'm going to be offering tutorials on how to make awesome things. First tutorial is up, and it's how to make a zippered top wetbag - the kind with the nice sandwiched zipper that looks so hard, but in reality is like the world's easiest thing to make. I think a lot of people who make their own diapers see the zipper and thing OMG CAN'T and either buy wetbags somewhere or make them with drawstrings or other silly closures that don't hold in the stink.

I'm also giving away the wetbag I made for the tutorial - filled with chocolate, natch!



I'd also love to know if there's a cloth diapering thing or kiddo-wear or play thing that you'd like to know how to make. I've got several tutorials in the pipes, but I'll dissect any project and make it easy.
  • I'd love it if you sold your diaper pattern and cover pattern. My kiddie winkles diapers are my favorite and I'd love to make some for my son.
  • i've been procrastinating on making a med sized wet bag for ... at least 2 years now! i made a large bag and a small one only to realize that i needed a break from PUL. it's a great tutorial; the pictures make it really easy to figure things out.
  • i'm interested in reading about your "snarking and talking about boobs and diapers and crafting and sewing" - can i add you as a friend?
  • Awesome, this is a really nice thing to do, empower women to be crafty!

    I'd love to see some serging tutorials if you use one. I always feel its impossible to do the elastic serged stuff, turn corners, and get through all those layers of material, etc.
  • Suggestion:
    I-spy bags
    Fabric baby blocks and balls
    a simple teddy bear (with a pattern if you can put up a PDF file)
    DIY cloth wipes without owning a serger
    Simple Sling/Pouch pattern
    Sandwich wraps
    Japanese lunch bags (there's an adorable traditional lunch bag where the top closes by sticking one loop through the other)

    • I'd love a tutorial on how I could make a "kiltie" like the ones you sell in your shop :)
    • oops, sorry for responding in the wrong place *blush*
      • Heh. No worries. I might consider making a bear and photoing and writing it up for you when I've got some free time this summer.... And actually I've got what I need to do an i-spy bag right now so I might take photos of that one for you when I get around to making it. My day job has been extremely stressful and sucky lately and I've been pushing away at refinancing out mortgage so I don't have much sewing time lately.
  • love it. joann's flyer photos are always so... weird.

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