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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

i have 4 BG aios that need new velcro, so i was thinking of…

Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

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i have 4 BG aios that need new velcro, so i was thinking of converting them to snaps.  all the tutorials i could find are about the pocket ones, so you can get the snaps inside...

any suggestions about snap placement?  should i just do them through all the layers or should i just replace the velcro?
  • IF the diaper is thin enough you can put the snaps through all the layers but if you do you will have exposed caps touching your baby directly. Goodmamas are popular and they have exposed caps so it might be okay...especially if you use an insert in the diaper.

    Otherwise the only way to do it would be to rip the seams out of the front and make a hole through which to add the snaps and then you have to re-topstitch..kind of a PITA but if you have sewing skills it is possible-although not time efficient...probably quicker to sew a new one.

  • I opened the seam. The velcro is too tough, makes it a pita to put through, and if you just go through the diaper you have to think about snaps touching the baby... not a huge deal. But opening the seam is easy and there's usually a layer of nylon in there. I opened the seam just a little, about an inch or two, enough to get my fingers in there to position a snap :)
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