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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers

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Do-it-yourself cloth diapers



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November 29th, 2009

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As a trade, someone gave me some Custom PUL that they wanted me to dye yarn to match with so they could knit up some longsies with it. In the process, I ended up dying swatches of yarn 10 different Wilton Cake Dye Colors.
The process, if you're interested: In 2 cups of HOT WATER, I put in about 1/16th of a tsp of each dye, and let it dissolve in the water. Then I added 2/3rd cup vinegar and added about 1/2 oz of prepared Lion Brand Natural Fisherman's Yarn (soaked in a vinegar bath for at least 30 min). On the stove, I let each pot cook for about 10-20 minutes - basically when the water was clear. Then I cooled the yarn. The pictures below were taken on my cell phone's camera because my 8 yr old camera decided it didn't want to take pictures. All crayon's listed below are Crayola Brand Crayons, out of a 96 crayon box
BlackCollapse )
BrownCollapse )
RedCollapse )
Double RedCollapse )
Royal BlueCollapse )
YellowCollapse )
Leaf GreenCollapse )
Kelly GreenCollapse )
OrangeCollapse )
VioletCollapse )
PinkCollapse )
Group ShotCollapse )

Maeve, my 11 yr old DD is excited, because she gets to learn to knit with these, LOL

If you were wondering if I got my matches, I did and here they areCollapse )
I had fun doing this. But doing this around a holiday wasn't the best idea.. LOL

November 23rd, 2009

nursing pads?

I need nursing pads for the spring, but i'm having a hard time trying to figure out how many layers i need, what i want to make them out of... etc.

do i need a waterproof layer? i have a bucket load of pul that i'm using for covers, i'll probably have enough scraps for a few pads. if i use wool, how thick do i need it to be?

[at a total loss]


November 12th, 2009

(no subject)

Hi I'm the mama that runs prettyprinteddiapers (prettyprinted.etsy.com), and I thinking of getting out of the diaper business or at least out of PUL products. I have a lot of custom printed PUL and I would like to see if there is any interest in it so I thought I would ask here, hope that's ok! This stuff is great for mama pads, wetbags, covers, etc.

I'm asking $10/yd I have 1-4 yards each of the cotton and 8-10 yards each of the polyester (I'll measure them if people are interested in buying)

Pix under cut!3 Cotton prints, 4 Polyester Prints, and 1 Polyester solidCollapse )So if anyone is interested or if you know anyone who might be interested let me know, commenting here is fine. This would be great for any crafty or wanting to be crafty mama or even someone who wants to start a small business. I had all of this custom done at Fabrite.

Thanks for looking!

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November 5th, 2009

(no subject)

My first newborn diapers (and one small.) I'm still having some issues with my serger, going around the corners, but otherwise, I'm pretty happy with them. i have a couple of kanji prints cut out, and i plan on making some AIOs (also serged) to round out the nb stash. think 12 fitteds and a few aios is enough? i'm not expecting a small baby, probably around 9 lbs, so i don't expect i'll be using them long...
pictures...Collapse )

October 10th, 2009

BG Velcro

I have a couple of BG 3.0's that have fraying aplix across the front panel and I'd like to sew it back down. Do I have to do it by hand and just go through the PUL layer and avoid puncturing the other (nylon?) layer, or can I just sew across both layers without damaging the water tightness? Also, I think I'm supposed to use polyester thread as cotton will wick, is that correct?

October 6th, 2009

i've been 3 years without making diapers. i don't remember *anything!*

I'm making newborn fitteds right now. how many layers is good? i've got a sherpa inner and a cotton print outer (some of them are flannel.) i have flannel, hemp jersey, and cotton jersey i can use as inside layers as well. one layer? two? I've got a lay in soaker pad too.

September 21st, 2009

Anyone have any microfiber terry yardage that they don't need and can sell me and ship right away? My co-op order is on the slow boat and I am up a creek (like my mixed metaphors?).


September 10th, 2009

Cloth Trainers

I was thinking of making some cloth trainers (fleece outer, obv soaker) from the Katrina Kwik Sew Soaker pattern. My DS usually takes a L/XL in the soaker worn over a GM. What size do you think I should make to use as trainers? He is 18 months old, 26lbs.

September 5th, 2009

I know lots of people love the idea of baby leggings. I know I do. They are PERFECT to show off cute diapers while keeping legs warm and make changing wet diapers a snap.
We were at Joanns today when an end cap caught my attention. HALLOWEEN KNEE HIGHS. Absolutely adorable! They are perfect too! Leggings and socks in one! As soon as I can, I'll get pictures of a pair on Owyn but they go up to his diaper line with a little room to spare.
Watch the ads tomorrow, I know here in central ohio Joanns has an almost weekly ad, and being labor day it will have extra coupons. More in likely a 40% off one item and a 10% off entire purchase.

My only complaint is it doesn't have no skid markers on the bottom so he has to be on the carpet or have shoes on. Does anyone know how to make those no skid markers on the bottom of socks? Is it just fabric paint?

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